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U.S. businesses spend a trillion dollars each year on the recruitment and retention of employees equipped with Super-Abilities. NED knows where to find employees who possess these qualities in excess.

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Navigating tough times is second nature for cancer survivors. Inviting them back into the workplace equips you with the secret sauce to make it through tough times with unmatched endurance.

Survivors are the strongest people in the world. They're hungry and they're ready. Give them the opportunity and they'll prove me right.

Research clearly shows that cancer survivors have sharper focus, deeper grit, and enhanced boldness.

If someone came to me with a work gap due to cancer (it’s not a choice), I would be thrilled to hire someone who is already highly skilled and who clearly doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

Qualities like strength, resilience, and empathy aren’t taught in books—they’re life lessons. NED is making people see that survivors come to the table with skills that go way deeper than any job description.

Every company says they want employees with grit. Tenacity. Fortitude. Well—good news. When you hire cancer survivors from NED, you can finally prove it. Go ahead, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

If you don't hire these people, you are crazy.

Nothing demonstrates 'I want to win' quite like someone who has beat cancer. Why wouldn't you want that person on your team?

As a hiring manager, I want to know if a candidate is a survivor. It speaks volumes about their strength of character.

They beat the big C. Now they can do anything they set their minds to.

Juggi Ramakrishnan

Empathy, advocacy and intentionality are core attributes of the successful product designer. Life experiences strengthen these attributes, and without question carry over professionally, leading to more inclusive, useful and delightful user experiences.

A brighter future we won’t owe to a culture of individuals trained to stylize themselves as victims. Instead, we might owe it to individuals who survived because they were forced to slough off blame games and expectations.

I was used to focusing on the disease without considering what was after. But what's after are people with tremendous skills—and we need them in any design process.

Some of the most engaged and driven people that I've had the chance to hire and work with have been cancer survivors. In my experience, they possess a unique understanding of life and bring a level of resilience and presence that everyone wants to be around.


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NED is a service introducing prospective employers to super-abled employees.

Workplace stigma, unconscious bias, and misperceptions about abilities, productivity, and reliability force survivors to carefully consider how to share their stories with potential employers. The weight and darkness of the narrative follows them everywhere and can create barriers to returning to their careers.

However, the competencies they have cultivated through the toughest of situations are important skills that you look for in employees. Fill your organization’s roster with the champions you need.